Dead-N-Gone – Artavious Boddie

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and new. Trying to figure out why do I have this feeling, this feeling out of the blue. I blink my eyes to clear my mind, trying to clear the fog on the inside, only to realize that I’m not dreaming. My thoughts and feelings teaming up, sharping my understanding, demanding me to pay attention. Admitting that I have been travling on the road of destruction for so long. Being lost and confused like a car travling with no headlights, blind to the fact that I’m not living right. Only to wake up this morining with a new vision and true sight, realizing that my direction wasn’t right. Making hit a U-turn and head back home, only to take off again, this time with a new vision, and better plan, and the mindset of a better man. Accepting the fact that the old me is dead-and-gone, Now with my new found self, it’s time for me to right my wrongs….

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