Darkside – Gary Farlow

Within each of us there is a darkside.

A bottomless pit which harnesses all

of our anger, rage, and hate.

Locked away in a steel safe beneath a

veneer of civility and smiles.

Laying under kindness, generosity, and

even love.

Yet, as in us all, sometimes the

safe is broken.

All that has been locked away,

never to be seen, resurfaces.

At that point all forms of altruism,

compassion, self-restraint are lost.

Vanished. As if they never even 

existed at all.

The primal nature of anger, hate,

and man takes over.

A metamorphosis occurs.

Not physically,

Like a lycanthrope orr banshee,

but mentally.

All that was once known is lost.

Gone. Without a trace.


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