1877 Brewster & Co

“I came across this carriage in a classic car magazine and thought it’s interesting seeing the similarities between carriages and the earliest cars. It’s like they took a carriage, slapped a motor on it, hooked up a bicycle chain to the rear axle and you have a real horseless carriage. Then, I thought in doing the pictures, I shouldn’t limit myself to just doing vehicles in the 20th century, I should do a few earlier than that. I put that idea on the back burner until I saw this documentary on Jack the Ripper and thought that would be cool to put that carriage going thru a seedy part of an old Victorian town, with shadowy figures in a kind of foggy background. When I put in the gas lamp, it kind of took away the literal and figurative darkness of it, but made for some really cool light and shadow effects. I think I’m finally starting to get a handle on atmospheric perspective. I’m wondering if I should have left out the snow thought. I admit the front axle of the carriage is a jumbled mess but, the reference picture I worked from was horrible. There actually were dealers in Cadavers back then. They sold them to medical institutions for their students. I thought it would be funny to have a store for them. I laughed at the dead guy in the window. They put a hat on him.”
*Wife’s note: I like how he said “They” put a hat on him. Greg gets so distracted from the fact he’s the illustrator and so into the fantasy of the picture that he states “They” put a hat on him rather than saying he put a hat on him.

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