1930 Packard

“In the strictest sense in the story, it’s not actually a 1930 Packard, but a copy of one. It is 1930. Some aliens observing Earth liked the design of some of our vehicles, so they had some technical engineers build an ion-drive vehicle but with the body design of a Packard- just for the novelty of something different. The aliens who own it are enjoying a night out on the town, showing off their unusual new conveyance. I made the greys whom we’re familiar with because they’re the ones most interested in Earth. The driver of the car was made to wear a chauffeur’s outfit. (I laughed). The stories I could tell about the aliens here, but I’ll just mention a couple: the insect-dude in the bottom right is from a race who are extremely kind to all forms of life above plants and bacteria. He’s petting the cat and the cat is loving it because his hand feels like a comb. The dog-like animal in the lava lamp: He thought the lava looked delicious, somehow got in and drowned. The dog with the big teeth in the bottom right is his mom. She’s yelling at the bartender, “That’s my SON! He’s dead! What’re you going to do about it?! I’ll sue this place! I was laughing consistently while I was painting them. The blue glow under the car is the glow of the ion engines, but I mostly put it there cause it looks cool. Except for the red neon scorpion in the upper left, I don’t really have a focal point. I put little splashes of different colors throughout, so there’s lots to see, giving it a very busy, cluttered look. I gave it an even distribution of primary and secondary colors. Wouldn’t that be cool if we actually had glowing drinks? I’m sure they have the technology these days to put some kind of non-toxic phosphorescent ingredient in drinks. I wanted to put Space Cat in this one but couldn’t decide where to put him. The couple at the table to the right of the lava lamp are Poo-people. They have little chunks of corn in their skin. That would be a funny name for a movie: Space Cat vs. The Poo-People.”

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