Daisy and Dandy – Elvis Redzepagic

Chapter 1

The only way to describe her was nothing less than gorgeous,elegant,and sophisticated.The way she carried herself spoke of her well preserved behavior, and how she walked with a strut and a natural rotation in her hips that left men bobbing after her in front of their wives as if she were a pendulum swinging back and forth,hypnotizing all who dared a peek. She sat tall with her back touching the chair and her hair,a luscious obsidian color that resembled a starless,moonless night leaving you lost in the abyss of darkness.She usually wore glasses and tied her shoulder length hair in a pony tail when doing anything that involved activity,physical or mental, such as daily workouts or rewinding and discussing favorite classic novels adored with friends. Not your typical average modern day woman, although there were enough similarities ,such as the way she lived alone in the city of New York with a puppy and had plenty of men lolling their tongues after her , but never could you confused them. Elizabeth was how some crowds addressed her and other’s Isabella depending on how she felt about the ambience of the crowd the scene ,and mood of the people. Isabella enjoyed drinking wine and fancied anyone who had nearly enough knowledge or passion for art as she did. Attending college at the university in her dorm by day and studying in the campus library on the weekends left night time the only portion open for getting lost outside on adventures and parties. Like all the other normal 21 year old girls did. But because of the consistently strenuous schedule she led ,the bedroom was more than less where she would retire awakening with not much of a memory of what it was she’d done to be so tired of?, only understanding that it would happen again and again as it always has her entire life. With a pursue in psychology as one of the youngest students to obtaining her thesis, the campus of Huntersville was a splendidly spacious one, with 3 buildings over 3 acres surrounded by St Augustine and timothy grasses and pine trees ,giving that college vibe. Winter was beautiful with all the decorations, festivities and what not, the other seasons also fit like a glove with wet Aprils to flood the lilies and orchards as well as misty glazed fog thick enough to severe everything in sight. Summer days equipped with morning dew emphasized the black and white shadows imprinted on the sparkling concrete ground from passers-by. Currently it was fall, Elizabeths favorite time of year, just before all the lined up holidays and snugly light sweaters. She enjoyed going out for jogs on the school grounds because of its beautiful scenery ,she can see lady liberty and smell the scent of pines as she flattened spread out moist yellow,red and brown leaves. This year was different though. She hadn’t been jogging her daily habitat or detouring curiously to unknown places. As a matter of fact none of the students had been visible, ever since a fellow student was found slain viciously after a frat party. The killer left Manny’s guts and intestines stretched around from a tree to a lamp post that left shit and undigested food ,such as corn still dripping off the acidly smoking stomach lining. it took the school awhile to clean up and has left students scared to death. Isabella and other students were interviewed as potential perpetrators because of protocol but her alibi checked out. “Yes officer brown Isabella is my neighbor and sort of a friend ,well we have class together. I know she was with Zack the night before and the day Manny died shed been sleeping..” officer jones interfered ” What was she doing during the day he died?” Isabella couldn’t sit and watch defenseless and angrily screamed ” I was shopping at the mall care for the receipt’s to my panties and bra Sir? They sighed , looked at each other and started walking away with murmurs of ” call us if you hear anything else”. Emily stood leaning on the railing with her jaw ajar staring at Elizabeth.” i’d never known you one to lose your cool.” she

shrugged, neither did she but I am so tired of cops victimizing people, if it wasn’t black people it was the Spanish or muslims and now women. ” Let them just leave people alone . I wont allow them to bully me ,especially when I’m obviously innocent and couldn’t possibly do this.” “yea your right, I’m sorry. Well ,feel better and text me if you need anything maybe we can catch a movie to help pass this depressing time.” Isabella was thinking even though she usually never had girlfriends because of certain silliness such as drama, she said”yea sure that sounds nice,” smiled and walked away in her calm usually composed demeanor cool as ice and hard as metal, that serious look could melt both as well. Isabella and Elizabeth both preferred boys as friends even since she was a little girl.She thought herself as a saint and other men did too. the way she was so mature and didn’t drink hard liquor to get drunk and how she always followed her routine. ” what am i gonna do now?” she posted on Instagram. another foolish game she planned on stopping. she clicked refresh and already had 35 likes,a few comments and 5 direct messages. She shut her phone off rubbed her eyes with both hands, yawned and fell asleep just like she always did again and again.

Chapter 2

She awoke to the familiar grogginess of a confused and blurry head. With all the craziness recently her head has gotten much worse and so she has decided to text her sister. a spitting image of her, they were twins but their minds were so different they might as well had not been. Rose was more plump and enjoyed social events more so with her girlfriends. ” Sure sis be right over,” she replied ,but wasn’t very close with her because of Isabella’s awkwardness with other girls and being around boys all the time. She remembers waking up late nights on many occasions to pee and check on her parents but whenever she checked her room for Izzy she was never in. How weird she never explained where or what she did it was always, I was sleeping in or i don’t remember leaving. Clear lies and so this strained there trust and relationship. Rose hopped on the train, her sis was only a few stops away and whenever an opportunity arrived to get more answers to uncover anything about her she jumped on it even though it was a sad feeling to not know your own blood. And it was true Isabella was a shrouded mystery and she had learned early on that this personality attracted many people since everyone enjoyed unpredictable spontaneous people.” sis you in ?” ,her one inch heels clapped on the hard wood floor.” be right out,help yourself in the kitchen.” She was in the shower and left a plate of food with a glass of red wine.” Lets go see a movie or dinner ,i wanted to get out of the house.” “yeah sure that’s fine.” her sis said but wanted to ask where her non existent friends were but she knew about the killer so didn’t mind helping out” I’ve set us up a blind double date. Rose was shocked ,” what! that’s really not what i had in mind.” ” Why not? come on Rosey they are fine boys we can just hand out and have fun if anything.” ” I have a boyfriend Isabella. i cant just do what i want.” Isabella comes walking out the shower with a black mirror in hand and her sister thinks she looks like a cat,the way her shoulders dislocate when each one is in use fooling you to think its broken its arm. She even has whiskers to match which she just finished plucking on her oval shin and puffy high cheek bones. She stalks down the hall to stand by Rose and starts applying make up, a little bit of mascara and lipstick. the way she even looks at the mirror, its as if she is lost in the woods. But eventually pounces on the prey when the time calls for it, rose thinks.” So what do you say?” ” I say no , If you want to go with just us then I’m okay with that .” ” boo your no fun, guess I’m on my own.” They both roll their eyes at each other,one just missing the other; and

Rosey leaves while Isabella says ” thats rude wow talk later sis.” feeling a little fiery after, she grabs her clothing with the black mirror in the purse and heads out to the movie theater. When she gets there she texts the guys she is meeting and they call her to say they’re in the front. Tall and out of many guys leagues ,Isabella strolls in with a revealing red dress.” wow Izzy you look beautiful.” ” Yeah your great.” Zack and Stanley stare brainwashed . Thanks boys,sorry my sis wasn’t up to it so its just us.” They fumble speaking over each other “yeah,uh thats fine…after you.” The night goes smoothly until about 7:30 pm, Elizabeth pulls out her phone and knows in about another half hour she will begin to get so tired and lose consciousness. She doesn’t know how it began or even why , nobody else knows not even her doctors but she looks at it more as an advantage,getting her early beauty sleep,awakening early and avoiding partying too much.” Excuse me boys but its time for me to leave.” She apologetically makes her exit and by the time she is in her bedroom its yawn after yawn,eye lids drooping feeling too heavy to see..perfectly circular lips stretch out in a yawn and she extends her arms high noon in the air slowly recalling in her head the days first tasks. Coffee,toast and yogurt then a lesson in psychology plus 2 other classes for the day, she thinks as the morning news plays in the background;the sun beams shooting between the curtains with cool brisk air. Isabella cracks the window open more and something catches her eyes and ears on tv.” Breaking news two students from Huntersville University were slain last night in a double homicide they’re bodies were unceremoniously dumped in an alley across the street from the movie theater. They had been in that very night! Her vision blurs as she stumbles and grabs hold onto something.”What,,no..how could this be when they were just with me..”a trickle of tears roll down her flush cheeks.” that could’ve been me.. i wish it were me..” depressingly she grabs her phone and texts rose ” hey please call me we need to talk.”sighing and sniffling she climbs back into bed and starts thinking about those sweet boys.Who could’ve killed them and why would they want to? i just don’t understand. she puts the volume up on the tv still playing news about the murder.” the detectives in charge of the investigation have just found a new piece of evidence. It was found by the crime scene in the alleyway, a black mirror with blood on it . this clue possibly changes the gender of the perpetrator.” a strong feeling of deja vu hit her whole being as she tried to remember last night. she went to the bathroom and fixed herself up then told them bye, so how the hell did her mirror end up with them? thats definitely mine; a black customized gucci by her father when she was younger. A knock on the door jolts any thoughts to a stop and she hears the police!. In a panic she opens the window to leave, scared that this was a setup. She hops on the fire escape that is wet from last nights drizzle,causing her to slip and fall 5 stories down;cracking her skull open and putting her in a coma.

Chapter 3

When i woke up i cant see anything and i try to move but i cant. i think my hands are tied? “hello anybody hear me!” no response but i can hear the tv… its the news, i can barley hear but i am positive they said my name. i don’t understand what happened where was i and where am i now? the last thing i can remember was the movie theaters and then..shit! they died and the cops came thats all i remember. I hear a door open and footsteps,”who’s that?” no answer but i can smell something familiar .” Rose is that you? please help me i don’d know wha..” ” sis relax, i saved you. You were home and the police came to arrest you but as you tried to run you fell and i saved you.” she uncovers my blind folds and her wide eyed,twitchy face is staring directly at me.”why am

i tied up than? why did you blind fold me Rosey. Let me go .let me out of here!.” ” shut up ,just shut it ,your so whiny and needy me me me, its always been about you ever since mommy and daddy passed away you never come to see me. You don’t care about me. i know you think you’re better than me you always have. But its okay I’m here to help you” my heart is thumping and fluttering as i try to move my hands and legs.” what are you talking about? you are my sister and i love you why did you do this?” ” for your own benefit, i need to redeem you and me. Our relationship was failing and i needed to be a better person; ever since mom and dad passed I’ve been very inadequate. I need to mend things to better myself and you ,then i promise everything will be back to normal. You killed those nice boys but its okay i forgive you and i understand i can help.” Am i imagining this. No, its very real especially the pain from my head. I knew she was always a little jealous of me and i knew Rose had some mental issues but thats what the meds were for..” have you been taking your meds? seriously i never killed anyone Rose. i knew things have always been complicated even before mom and dad died and I’m sorry i was always the favorite one but i never killed anyone and you know that” she smirks and snorts,mumbling something i cant hear. pacing back and forth, she looks at me with those wildly darting eyes and says ” thats what you think Izzy or should i say Elizabeth. Poor baby always thinking herself a damsel in distress did you neglect the reality of your well being or forget about your little sleeping beauty kilter princess. Listen, i love you but you really are ailing and until i come up with a resolution we’re stuck”. Is she telling the truth? i forgot about that stupid sleeping problem for a second. No,theres no way . Could it be?” you cant just leave me here someone will come looking for me. What about school?.” “I have taken the liberty of freeing my life to unburden yours. I am your twin after all i can fluently take your seat ,sort of speak.” This is insane, i cant do this. ” What! no way, please help me Rosey.” she laughed ” you don’t get it you cant be on your own anymore and don’t worry about me it’ll be my pleasure.” She smiles then pulls out my make up bag and starts applying it exactly the way i do, mascara and some lipstick. what a crazy bitch. She wishes to be me so bad that she’s willing to go this far, she must be off her pills. ” you’ll never get away with this.” She gapes at me,pulls something out of her purse and i feel a pinch. ” Ouch! what was th..” My vision turns black and i lose consciousness. Rosey successfully continues being me,she even keeps up with my grades. I think she has started to actually believe her own crap,since oddly enough she’s started sleeping around 730 just as i do..i feel her character changing. she is slipping into a delusional caricature and her behavior a psychotic pantomimist. She jogs where i did, reads what i do and sickeningly enough she’s called and revisited all of my ex boyfriends. At this point i wouldn’t be surprised to see that she is keeping stocks of my blood type. The door opens and my high heels are clicking and clacking toward me. ” Hello sister, today i have visited the library and you incessant book club. I must say i rather cherish those moments. not to mention my little jogging routine, ugh its so refreshing. i feel like a brand new person.” This is so distressing, how can i get out of here? its been weeks now and if i cant get through to her i guess ill have to find my way out. ” Wow, Iz I’m seriously impressed, you’ve been working too hard even for my standards. you’re doing great really I’m feeling so much better, you were right. This was exactly what i needed and I’m glad you did this. keep up the good work.” Gawking, she tilt’s her head sideways; slightly confused at the tricks Isabella is trying to pull, and scratching her head she opens her mouth,” i know rose, aren’t i such a good sister! I really am trying

my best I’ve even slept with my exes again just to try and make myself feel normal. You and i both know i didn’t mean to kill any of those boys and there are more too. I’m tired of people being jealous of us, they only thought you were me because we are the exact same.” Yes! i got her ,this charade wont go on much any longer. My oh my I’ve swindled

her into thinking she is me or rather she has tricked herself but i had no idea that she was the killer. since we were little girls we got the exact same present every year and the jealousy has always been there,women are naturally envious ,even a mother to her own daughter,whether of her looks,character,lifestyle or even the way she dresses the jealousy is there but this is unbelievable .She has gone too far. the point of no return. ” I’m so proud of you,of us. Now if you’ll be a doll to unlock these chains i think you’ve accidentally left me in we can get ready for your next date.” Her lips part and pout like a duck. In shock i open my eyes to see there are no blind folds but instead a black mirror in my face. I move my hands to my head and understand there are no chains, no damage to my head. ” Hey,whats going on?” and i hear a voice “Silly, its almost 730,its your turn Elizabeth.” hearing that she finally realizes there is no sister, it was her midnight self the whole time.

The End

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