CYCLE – F.R. Martinez

We fluctuate
from minute to minute
year to year
from there to here
here to there
mostly unaware
who we are
who we were.

Rise and fall of tides
the ever-spinning cosmos
invisibly ordered orbit of electrons
a constant vibration
surrounding us
within us
the tormented energy of the universe
ever restless,

We, actors on stage perform without a script
Time’s children, awash in light
though time is an accident.

It is possible to think of it all as
this place, this pulse, our lives
some subtle and shapeless dream
here to there
there to here
to live and die
blossom and wither
to move to no apparent purpose
for no reason human logic can apprehend
All yesterdays todays and tomorrows
a singularity beyond our grasp
and what we have called god
in our anguish of errors
is simply some urgent displacement of energy
thrashing and revising itself
a cycle
with no end and no beginning.


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