Concrete Walls – David Meade

Behind these concrete walls there is so much hidden pain,
This is the place where boys turn into men and this place isn’t a game
You got young brothers walking around with life that is only nineteen,
The system done took him away from his family and shattered all of his drea
You got men sleeping with men walking around real funny style,
You can be walking the yard with someone and later on find out that
he was a pedophile.
There once was a young man who really never talked that much,
His children’s mother left him so one day he just hung it up.
I one day sat down and watched, as my fellow inmates was playing hoop
And the next thing you know a guy was viciously stabbed over 5 lousy soup
A friend of mines was in the law library searching for some case laws to look up
He then shook his head and shed a tear and told me that he give up.
You got older guys walking around like they have all the answers,
You have guys that came in here healthy and later on discovers that
he has cancer.
This place is like a nightmare or an eternal, terrible dream,
Some mornings when I wake up, it just makes me wanna scream.
This is the place where only the strong survive and the weak are driven insane
And these racist c/o’s in here will beat you down like Rodney King to a
point that you can’t remember your own name.
Rats get treated harshly so you best bet is to stand tall,
These are only a few things that occurs behind these concrete walls.


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