Colorism – David Meade

Colorism is the practice of favoring those of lighter complexions
over those with darker complexions.
And even parents have adopted these slavery methodologies
by favoring the lighter child and showing the darker ones less
Hollywood and supervisors of corporations are excluding
those with darker hues of skin from opportunities in favor
of those of a fairer shade,
Colorism is another toxic residue of slavery that can be traced
back to the plantations and in the 21th century it now has become
a plague.
It’s rare to see a individual with a darker skin tone in a
position of high authority,
What ever happened to the equal protection clause because this
is done regardless of education, skill, talent, or a person’s overall
The caucasian man uses savvy language as he discuss his
preference to only date lighter melanin woman,
And the darker African American male make statements such
as he only dates red bones and his subconscious boldly tells
him that he is winning.
This is another form of bigotry, disenfranchisement, and
systems of institutional racism,
Colorism causes internal strife and deep divisions within the
African American community so as one united we must abolish
this act of Colorism.
Written by: David Meade!

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