CLIO’S Gift – Charlie Castillo


I’m sure everyone has someone who is deemed “out of sight, out of mind.” You’ll never know how it doesn’t rehabilitate, it slowly kills your spirit. Why? Because we prisoners are deemed criminals and need to be broken. If you’re struggling for employment, work for a federal prison. It’s a booming business model. But enough of complaining, in hell you learn to appreciate each second. You look past physical and see people for their souls. You crave relevance…but no one has time to write. Everyone is busy. They don’t know what to write. They forget to write. They think in this volatile environment you can make friends, let your guard down, trust. They think you can be to yourself and escape through your mind. You can’t. You can only have glimpses of humanity from the outside. You want to hear about everything. A letter can serve as a quick escape. And what does a prisoner offer? A dependable friend who can always pull you up. This piece is inspired by all the people behind bars you keep forgetting to write. Send a one page letter every month starting today. We need that. If you were behind bars you’d understand but then it would be too late.

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