Climb the Mountain! – David Meade

The mountain is steep & has ice sickle’s on the edges but
the main goal is to excel to the top.
And sometimes the journey may appear endless & incapable
of climbing but we must continue to climb even if we may slip,
fall, or mysteriously drop.
This is the mountain of life & we must stay focused on the summit
in order to achieve our short term & even our long term goals,
And this mountain is part of our legacy so climb with body, mind,
& heart so that your connections to this mountain may be the greatest story one day ever told
Climb higher & higher & prevail over each & every stone that proceeds
to the hurdles of a dangerous rock,
And think like a snail who may move slow but his determination
motivates him to never ever stop.
Set intentions on the finish line & strategically make plans because if
you fail to plan then you plan to fail,
And if you are going through turmoil & hardship while climbing this
mountain then don’t stop until you are out of the psychological
depths of hell.
Sometimes the mountain will wear you out so regroup, and shake
it off as you dive into a temporarily short rest,
And know that hard work, preserverance, and never being too
satisfied or too comfortable is what ultimately leads to conquering
this mountain which is dominantly true success!


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