Christopher Meredith

“I write short stories, as well as full length novels, or manuscripts. I also write poetry too. I’m working on my skills by taking writing courses.”

A Prairie Dog’s Tale – Christopher Meredith

A Spooky Cellar – Christopher Meredith

The sun slowly slipped away to her rest, as we gathered around to do our best. Her colors of red, orange, and then some yellow, filled our souls as we felt the night mellow. We gradually descended the long, narrow stair. We’d been told it led to the devil’s own lair. We looked on our …

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Another Day! – Christopher Meredith

The languishing twist of a broken heart. Fault to the nines, a shorn counterpart. Imminent thoughts ambush the soul, While distant memories raid the whole. Shadows of emotions dark and gray. Decaying to ruins as they betray. Incurred by the loss, a great tragedy. On thorns of hope, but beyond remedy. Spirit of my soul, …

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Forgotten – Christopher Meredith

See what I have become, nonexistent, full of nonthingness. Placed inside the void, Out of the way into darkness. In the perversion of truth, All adrift, diluted. Numbered among the dead, for eternity, excluded. Unsettled, unwanted, unbegotten, cast about, throw away, forgotten. Was it all my imagination, or have I ever been? Did you really …

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From the Very Start – Christopher Meredith

I fear not,      as Jesus Christ has shown, the first steps are mine,     and mine alone.

My Angel – Christopher Meredith

My angel has flown away. I am adrift, she is gone. Bound beyond my seeing, No sunlight there has shone. The flower of the flock, still growing higher. The object of yearning, and my heart’s desire. My spirit broken by the fall, so beaten and mangled. Heartstrings in a knotted mass, left twisted, tied and …

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Past the Hour – Christopher Meredith

It is past the hour…but for what?     Seems to me, we have all forgotten.   It is past the hour, give of your heart.       Do not divide or set some apart.   It is past the hour, yet another day,       So mind your manners and mind what you say.   It is past …

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Psycogenic – Christopher Meredith

By chance each new day opens its doors, to influence you toward or away from the horrors. Now the alluring charms begin to unravel quietly, As strong persuasions of death knocks defiantly. Challenging the height of ambition you crave, to struggle greatly and rise from the grave. Your intention untroubled ao it is brimming with …

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I ponder this point as I do each day, Why you gave up, why you went away? The girl I recall full of love so tender. I have no response regarding your surrender. The woman you became, I see her strong. I ask myself: what did I do wrong? The friendship we nurtured was supposed …

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The One I Loved, The One I Lost – Christopher Meredith

It is so, so hard, just to be awake, to be aware, to be awash in this solidified reality, that reverberates with its emptiness. I’m standing out in the murky pitch, as that’s where grief placed me. Darkness grows within the winds. and emotional pain howls its bitterness. But the precious moments I carry, of …

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Waiting for Me – Christopher Meredith

The casting of peace that comes from God; All nations are ruled With His iron rod.   My Lord I’ve given all that has come due, From my lonely life to spend with You.   In the name of Jesus, our crowned King,  And Your holy praises, Forever we will sing.   I’ve prayed for …

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