Myself and others petition: powerful affluent Men around the world initiate deceitful and unjust policies with no regret. Their goals in life are only to retain wealth, cartels, control, and lavish prosperity. While the poverty-stricken cry out! What about us? We too are capable to better ourselves. But no matter how passionately we try, we are always passed by. So, we are inflicted to tolerate; homelessness, addictions, starvation, and tragedies. We only exist with oppression and suffering; hear our voices screaming out.

      “Why standest thou afar off O’Lord? Why hidest thyself in time of trouble? In their pride, the wicked doth persecute the poor, let them be taken by the devices they have imagined. For the wicked basteth of their hearts desires. They boasteth covetousness, in which the lord despises and detest. The wicked through their pride of countenance, will not seek after God. For God is not in their thoughts.
      Their ways are always grievous, while God’s judgements are far from their sight. Their mouth is full of cursing, deceit, and fraud. Under their tongue lies mischief and falsehood. They sit in the lurking places in the villages. In secret places they doth murder the innocent. Their eyes are secretly set against the poor. They crouch as a lion for prey. They lay secretly in wait to scratch the poor, to draw them in their nets. They humble themselves so the poor may fall by their empty words. They say In their heart, God has forgotten, He hides his face and will never see us?”

      Can this be so? For God does see all things we are told. For God’s Loving Grace, kindness, and mercy created all things. Still in yet, why are not the wicked punished for their wrongful ways? Suddenly, this faint voice revealed,

      “For God gave his only begotten son; that who’s ever believes shall have life everlasting. God makes his sun to rise upon the evil and upon the good. He sends rain on the unjust, and on the just.”

      Now puzzled, our reasoning still is hesitant and unsure. Because powerful affluent men worldwide have terrorized the poor for over 100 centuries! They have considered only themselves, their personal gains, and political ties. Their rise to power and control manifested from; Wars, slavery, capitalism and supporting their corrupt political circle of monopolies. These achievements along with worldly possessions acquired appeases them as trophies and monuments. Receiving accolades and rewards for; Strength, pride, glamour, prestige, and the right of passage. Venting, once more the faint voice reappears and says,

      Wow! That was deep. Now I’m rationally thinking. God created man and woman with different features from every other living Beast. God instilled within both man and woman a free will of choice. This free will allows Them to either, choose life and live. Or choose death, and die. Before I could blank, the same voice says,

      “For I have no pleasure in death of those that died, sayeth the Lord God. Wherefore turn yourselves, and ye shall live. When the wicked turn away from wickedness they have committed. And Doth that which is lawful and right. To keep all my statutes, their souls shall be saved they shall surely live and not die.”

      What a joyful revelation! We whom are oppressed that suffer for righteousness sake; Must Put our trust and faith in Jesus Christ! How much more better a life to gain for Jesus, then the things of this world? Then the voice murmured,

      “Worldly things that were gain to me; I count of loss for Jesus. I count all those things but lost, for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ My God. For the loss of all worldly things, I count them as dung. That I may win Jesus, and be found in him. Not having my own understanding, or righteousness, for this is the law. But only that which is through the faith of Jesus. His righteousness is of God by faith. That I may know Jesus, and the power of his resurrection. And fully Embrace The Fellowship of Jesus’s sufferings. And become comfortable unto his death. For what shall a man gain in this world; to lose his only soul?”

      Now, I’m experiencing a change of heart. I am forming joy and gladness towards God’s love and mercy is. All the wicked must do is confess that Jesus Christ died for their sins. Then believe that Jesus arose from the dead on the third day semicolon and you shall be saved! The faint voice then confirmed,

      “For this cause, give God thanks without ceasing. For you received the word of God; and received not as the word of men. As in truth, the word of God shall work in you affectionately because you believe. My son whatsoever things me just. Whatsoever things are true. What’s the river things are honest. Whatsoever things are pure. Whatsoever things are lovely. Whatsoever things are of good report. Think on these things with all virtue. Because, if any man be in Jesus Christ he is a new creature. Things are passed away. Behold, all things are become new.”

      Today my brothers and sisters, forever more shall I shall praise and give thanks to God for Jesus he loves me so much, that I no longer fear torment from powerful affluent men anymore because I choose life, life that’s found in Jesus Christ; the son of the living God!

The Scriptures:
PS. 10: 1-11
JN. 3:16 & Matt. 5:45
PS. 37:16 & PS. 9:17
EZE. 18-32 & EZE. 18:21
Phillip. 3:7-0 & MTT. 16:26
Thess. 2:13 & Phillip. 4:8
2 Cor. 5:17

Read Psalms 37, to learn the
story that’s shown in this
narrative. God Bless you

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