Chains of Reactions – Jose Santiago

I can make you feel special with every sweet action. Give
you colorful roses then enjoy your reactions.
My lifestyle is above any modern traditions. I’ll
freak you on snow and try 69 different positions.
Desire can melt ice like hot fire emotions.
Love has no time destiny or locations.
The things I would do for you
are like hard penetrations.
Disappointments in love cause
depressive hurting
frustrations. If you all
about games, then buy you
a PlayStation. Love take me
serious and don’t play with
my emotions. Emotions and
feelings get deeper than
oceans. Love shouldn’t be
based on gold money objects or
secret love potions. Love is a real deep
felt feeling of emotions. Lies in
between can make a love fiction.
What I feel for you is more than addiction. Love, how many stunts could
bring satisfaction? Just tell me how many you want
and start counting subtractions. A four letter word has changed all my notions.
Love you are the cause of all my changing emotions. I’ve never been
good at math, but still love you down to a fraction.
Not even millions in cash can change the effects of these Chains of Reactions.

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