Carla Joan Simmons

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Read Carla’s piece in Scalawag Magazine here and interview in Rattling the Bars here.

Interview with Carla Joan Simmons

About the artist:

Carla Simmons is a member of the Art + Agency working group that collaborated to create the Educating Allies and Empowering Artists zine.

My name is Carla Joan Simmons and I am serving my 17th year of a life sentence in the state of Georgia. I come from a long line of self-taught artists and from a young age connected with art as an extension of my voice and a method of survival. Currently, I benefit from art as a meditative practice and find that it is my only means of power in this world.

Through it I am able to contribute to our culture and share my experience as a person whose life, and family, has been forever altered, and damaged, by the carceral system.

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  1. Charlene Thatcher

    So proud of Carla she’s a very great person who deserves her freedom, she could do so much out here and bring her inspirations and shine like she always does

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