C.S. Eash

Elysium – C.S. Eash

This world weeps as it awaits, What I possess Knowledge consumed as water in a barren desert, insatiably thirsty for all that is known Wisdom from a hundred thousand hours, enlightened to a flame Strengthened by the villain holding my key, struggle forever I strive Compassion gained by the insanity of my surroundings, demons wrongfully …

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Labyrinth of Knowledge – C.S. Eash

You awake in the darkness, thirsting for light lost like a fool, drinking the night Search for answers, from a maze of deceit listen to lessons, told not to speak Whatch the wise, learn of their craft forging a flame, illuminating the path Follow that fire, burning brightly through time faith will obscure it, leading …

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Soulmate – C.S. Eash

Somehow somewhere at sometime, Our untraveled paths will cross So search for me my love, Until I am no longer lost Do you think of me in sleep, As I dream of you awake I obsess on all the troubles, That you and I will make Somehow I feel your hurt At night its always …

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The Fence – C.S. Eash

A dog who knocks over trashcans, Will worsen in a fence of dogs, Who also knock over trashcans So unless your a sadist, Wanting something to punish, hoping it still misbehaves So you can scream at it, starve it, abuse it, encourage it, to continue all its behaviors The fence will never work.

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