One thought on “Braulio Diez

  1. Wow. The rich intensity of colors brings this art vibrantly to life. The two houses are intimately connected and yet completely different, and in one, the brightness prevails, while in the other, there are the dark bricks, and it seems like a seat of a different kind of power. It’s almost like there are two sides to the same neighborhood or two sides to the same family. They are intimately connected, and yet they’re completely different because of the directions, and the choice is made on how to appear on the outside. I find this work of art to be a work of spiritual power as well. The vibrant red and the dark bricks are in such stark contrast, and I find myself projecting all kinds of ideas on this painting. I find myself wondering how it came to be, and I want to read an interview with the artist and no more. At first glance, I thought it was all about bright joy, and then at second glance, I realized that in my first look, I had missed was most important to me about it and the beautiful waterfall and the cows and the people above like blessing spirits. And the cars, a way to go anywhere. All of a sudden, I looked up and out my window, and I realized the blessings of being able to walk out the door and not be confined to Any house, any enclosed place. I could look at this art for many hours and never see all of it. The work has a complexity of thought and a Feeling, and each part resonates with an unparalleled power.

    Thank you.”— Sky, JAC Volunteer

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