Black Lives Matter – Brittian Koty Osorio

My best friend’s son is half black.
My baby cousin is half black.
2 of my nieces are half black.
Do I need to worry that one day when they go out, they might not make it back? Everyday I live in fear because these are not disguisable facts.
They may not be my children, yet each day I live in terror and force myself to disguise my own fear, Because the systemic racism is wrong, scary and it is real.
I don’t want them to became a hashtag, a protest topic or another reason to cry. What I want is for them to be happy, alive and well, way after my own time.
For this to happen we must first fight for what’s right.
A black child shouldn’t walk home afraid to lose his life.
A black parent shouldn’t answer the phone with fear of what might be said on the other line.
Yet everyday this is happening. Everyday, this is a person’s life.
Between all the racism and the covid pandemic, these are frighteningly stressful times.
We can’t fight the good fight until we speak out and ignore the background chatter.
So I’ll sum it up in 3 words.

Black Lives Matter!!

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