Bittersweet Alphabet – Deidra Rose Vincer AKA Twitch

As adventurous as life may seem
Bittersweet is the taste that lingers
Counterfiet as people are
Don’t judge anyone by their exterior
Eventually death finds us all
For we are all the same within
Going is tough and tough is the going
Hearts will be broke so
Inhale the good in life because
Joyful memories are the least remembered
Keep a wall around your heart for
Love is the most dangerous venture into
Madness’ ever ending fate.
No-body is going to make it out alive regardless
Overcome and grow
Protect yourself and learn to
Quiet the ever quaking aches consuming
Reach of conjoined pasts imperishably present.
Steady layering of intimacies
Utopian dream
Vandalized by envies
Wordless language
Xerox my soul within
Yellow is the jaundice daydream
Zippered-up are my never ending emotions.

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