BETRAYAL – Rick Luellen

he felt as if he were speeding
their arms in futile gestures
their figures growing smaller

silence was speeding
immobility within him
anguish nor elation,
a mountain to gain
fallen to lie still the first time.

he was aware
hands on the wheel,
he felt as if he were in empty space
his road expensively powerful
of success proclaimed
claimed by purposeful speed
equating earth with night

he saw a breathing
slow standing like triumphal arches
colonnade along an avenue
hanging like garlands
waving slowly like flags
he had never loved them
seeing the reason of his mind
devotion to his world was gone

loyalty caught his sudden attention
spread of the one spot
where no fire had reason to be
in the next instant
answering cracks
then the black mass
it was a mob with crowbars
gushing from the window of gunfire
backward and falling
into a shrieking curve

an unpaved soul
the road
the bottom
sweeping headlights
darker than the gray ravine
the dried black scum of cotton
white of weeds

it was a whisper of eagerness
fighting against a moan of pain
of agony drained lips
black hole
what happened?


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