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Ben’s Wacky Jailhouse Trivia Vol 1 – Ben Wilkins

Historically, prisons and hospitals rank top of the list for being haunted, alongside cemeteries and abandoned houses. It’s creepy to consider that C.O.s and cons alike share many unexplained paranormal stories. Strange noises and self-moving objects are just a couple common topics.   Did you know that a bag of “movie theatre butter” microwave popcorn …

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Motivation 101 – Ben Wilkins

For thousands of years ancient philosophers have attempted to distill the secrets of wisdom to the people. They taught that that anybody could be wildly successful at life regardless of their background or beliefs. The will to know, the will to be and the will to do. Just three steps. It sounds so simple in …

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On Discovering His Truth – Ben Wilkins

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of the word truth begins in part: truth/trüth/noun/ 1: TRUTHFULNESS, HONESTY 2: the real state of things: FACT 3: the body of real events or facts: ACTUALITY   Consider for a long moment, what does the word truth mean to you? Epiphany usually strikes when least expected and this time was no …

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Public Secrets: A Sneak Peek Inside Alaska’s Overcrowded Prisons – Ben Wilkins

His blood geysered into the air, creating bright red patterns on the floor like a Rorschach ink blot test. The screaming chant “lockdown!”, “lockdown!” echoed in our ears as four emergency response guards lumbered on scene with red-dot tasers and mace canisters drawn. Then two guards half carried half dragged the victim down a flight …

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Relationship Skills 101 – Ben Wilkins


Shenanigans – Ben Wilkins

~a Modern Expose on Forty would be Cheaters~ It was 9:03 pm at her small but cozy home somewhere near Syracuse when heartache struck swiftly for my cousin Mandy. She was scrolling through facebook when she discovered that her boyfriend of four years had cheated on her—and used the post for a farewell statement. We …

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