An Inmate’s Lament – Gary Farlow

Life in prison is terrible
The noise level can be unbearable
Our sentences seem unendable
The rules are all unbendable

This experience is incredible
The chow hall food is inedible
C.O’s think we’re detestable
But what we eat is indigestible

Programmers feel we’re incorrigible
And look at us like we’re horrible
The public says we’re unlovable
But as taxpayers they’re being gullible

The health care is deplorable
Our grievances treated as ignorable
The parole board says we’re unreformable
And never will be “normal-able”

The shrinks think we’re unreachable
While attitudes are impeachable
The rec equipment is unusable
And staff think we’re abusable

Policies are unbelievable
While change is inconceivable
Shakedowns are uncontrollable
Our pain is inconsolable

This mess is unforgivable
Let’s face it, life in prison is unlivable!

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