An excerpt from: Lucifer’s Polemic: A Poem in Six Rhapsodies (Canto 2) – Zachariah Chiaia

An excerpt from:
Lucifer’s Polemic: A Poem in Six Rhapsodies

by Zachariah Chiaia

Canto 2

In a fiery sphere of energy,
Primeval and dense; torrid, opaque,
The constituents of the Cosmic
Elements Physical Laws did make,

Quanta of this and quanta that
Were zooming about and colliding.
Electrons and positrons in pairs,
They were formed by photons dividing.
This melange was a soup; hot plasma;
A group of gluon, kaons and pions,
With muons and quarks, mesons and taus,
Neutrinos and fragments of ions.

Expanding with heat, this amalgam
Inflated, cooling as it ballooned,
Exponentially growing such that its opacity soon was impugned.

The Heavens exploded, transparent.
“Let there be light” became manifest.
Mass decoupled from radiation;
Light-waves, of this, would someday attest.

These light-waves, called the Cosmic Background
Radiated in all directions.
Observable for eternity,
They are The Creation’s reflections.

The first stable elements appeared
Subsequent to this lucent event:
Hydrogen atoms abundantly
Formed from The Singularity, rent.

Consecutive to these hydrogen
Atoms, helium atoms arose
When electrons and protons, which made
Hydrogen bonded into repose.

Out of these atoms, in gaseous
Clouds, a structure began to evolve:
Pockets of matter clumped and condensed;
Gravity caused them all to revolve.

The earliest protogalaxies
Emerged from these conglomerations,
Facilitating the birth of stars,
Enkindling congratulations.

Spinning about in a cold, whirling
Storm, the elements slowly collapsed,
Forming enormous globes of gasses
While early epochs of time elapsed.

Globular clumps, spiraling inward,
Shark under gravity’s grip, so tight,
Becoming so dense at their centers
That fusion forced their cores to ignite.

The first stars in the Cosmos thus turned
Themselves on, forging more elements:
Hydrogen fused to form helium;
Then helium fused, in increments.

Cooked into existence, in stellar
Cores, carbon and nitrogen waited
With oxygen, sodium, iron
And more, to then be dissipated.

The Universe, young, shined with the light
Of centillions of stars for a time,
Clustered in groupings of galaxies,
Trillions; picturesque, regal, sublime.

Suddenly stars, the Cosmic Nymphae,
Set, impetuously, to implode,
Before becoming supernova;
Parting, violently, to explode.


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