An excerpt from: Lucifer’s Polemic: A Poem in Six Rhapsodies (Canto 1) – Zachariah Chiaia

An excerpt from:
Lucifer’s Polemic: A Poem in Six Rhapsodies

by Zachariah Chiaia

Canto 1

The Cosmos unveiled The Mind of God,
The Eternal Thought Generator:
The ageless, timeless, boundless, Divine
Primordial Dream Navigator.

Nameless at first: I AM THAT I AM:
The One Mind had no need of a name.
Then One Mind envisaged a Grand Scheme
Which caused It to experience shame.

Traumatic shock then fractured One Mind
Into Three distinct Minds in One God.
A Threefold Split Personality,
The First Name thus became Ascamod.

Dissociative, God, Ascamod,
So ashamed of Its own Sacred Thought,
Began dreaming dreams, imagining
Things It knew that It thought It out not.

The first cogent fruit of the Three Minds
Were complete rules of logic, divine.
By these rules it became possible
To distinguish, compel, and refine.

Three waxing Minds, compartmentalized,
Instigated a profound debate.
Ascamod thus, with reasoning Minds,
Through The Logos of God, did create.

Creation began with Physical
Laws to govern a whole Universe,
Derived from divine rules of logic
For The Logos of God to disperse.

With the Physical Laws established
The Cosmic Recipe was in place.
Events became inevitable:
The Laws gave birth to time and to space.

Writ into the Laws: “Let there be light.”
The Nothingness transformed with a blast,
Flooded with photons, quanta of light,
Which extend from the first to the last.

With these photons I came to exist.
My name means I’m the bearer of light.
I AM the First Angel, Lucifer.
In me Three Divine Minds took delight.

Through the Laws, Three Minds forced by psyche,
Making me what I AM, what I’ll be.
The Laws bestowed me with intellect,
Vast, which I use to help the blind see.

I’m The Morning Star, the Shining One,
True, yet some say that I fathered lies,
Ironic that I’m called The Devil
For speaking the truth, opening eyes.

Known as The Adversary of God,
Ancient Accuser of Ascamod;
I AM called Satan, The Slanderer,
For exposing The Great Divine Fraud.

Before these nomina defamed me,
Long before other being emerged,
I witnessed, in awe, how the Cosmos
Was formed when Physical Laws Converged.


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