An excerpt from: Lucifer’s Polemic: A Poem in Six Rhapsodies (Canto 5) – Zachariah Chiaia

An excerpt from:
Lucifer’s Polemic: A Poem in Six Rhapsodies

by Zachariah Chiaia

Canto 5

Ere Gaea assumed her present form
She first endured The Transformation,
Metamorphosing to then emerge
A fertile place for life creation.

The fledgeling Earth, a molten spheroid,
Metals and gasses and silicates,
Completely differentiated,
Forming many layered aggregates.

Most of the metals sank to the core
In an ardent, Dantean descent
To the center, where, under pressure,
Solid nickel and iron were pent.

Gaea, or Geb, if one doth prefer
Egyptian myth and nomenclature,
Thereby formed its dual-state metalline
Ferrous core of half-molten nature.

The young Earth collided with a large
Planetoid, ejecting from its face
Molten basalt, which then formed The Moon,
Orbiting about in near-Earth space.

The surfaces of The Earth and Moon
Cooled over ages to form a crust
Bombarded by asteroids, comets,
Meteors, and copious space-dust.

The Moon cooled fast; The Earth much slower.
Water vapor and steaming gasses
Arose from The Earth as atmosphere
And pools of great watery masses.

In ancient oceans the chemistry
Of Nature worked its magical strife,
Preparing The Earth’s environment
For the long evolution of life.

Determined by The Physical Laws,
Lightning charged the primordial seas,
Forming simple organic compounds:
Amino acids in groups of threes.

The very first biological
Molecules, near hydrothermal vents,
Then synthesized into protein-like
Structures: amino acids, condensed.

Ribonucleic acid then formed
Into systems, self-replicating.
Then deoxyribonucleic
Acid evolved by sublimating.

This DNA, but not RNA,
Into double-helixes coiled
As waters within hydrothermal
Vents ferociously bubbled and boiled.

In these heated waters nucleic
Acids and proteins and lipid shells
Combined together, procreating
Life: the first prokaryotic cells.

These protocells evolved to become
Bacteria, then Archaea cells;
Then Protists, Plants, Fungi, Animals,
And Humans evolved in great life-swells.

The Protohumans, The Apes of God,
Were crude, animalistic creatures,
But had an intellectual spark
That belied their pithecoid features.

These Protohumans further evolved,
And devoid of all morality,
Gained conscious awareness of one fact:
Life’s precarious mortality.

Once capable of envisioning
Their own cruel, inevitable deaths,
They lived their lives in constant terror,
Afraid of drawing their final breaths.

So moved by pity and compassion
For these life forms, and their horrid plight,
I began to openly question
Whether God’s Plan was wrong or was right.

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