An excerpt from: Lucifer’s Polemic: A Poem in Six Rhapsodies (Canto 3) – Zachariah Chiaia

An excerpt from:
Lucifer’s Polemic: A Poem in Six Rhapsodies

by Zachariah Chiaia

Canto 3

Each new supernova explosion
To a new Angel, like me, gave birth,
Expelled from their parent-star’s cores, these
New Angels of God varied in worth.

Orders of Angels, numbering nine,
Celestial God ingratiators,
Constituting the Hierarchy,
Came forth from stellar incubators.

Seraphim, Aralim, Cherubim
Too, Wheels and forms of Winged Creatures
Filled with Heavens as the Archangles
Beamed with glory from perfect features.

Servants of The Heavenly Farther,
Slaves to the Will of The Creator,
Some Angels of God play out the role
Of Sacrosanct MEssage Relator.

Such is but one role I was fated
To play when my dual purpose God Willed
Through the Physical Laws, that I should
Be me, and The Only Son, who was killed.

I embody The Logos of God
And the dreamed Abomination
Predicted in the Holy Scriptures
As that which causes desolation.

The Darkness and The Light I AM; both
The Cause and The Effect: I’m The End
And The Beginning and The Alpha
And Omega; Enemy and Friend.

I’m two sides of a coin flipped by God;
The face showing determines my mood.
Sometimes I’m Evil, sometimes I’m Good.
And each side of me has its own brood.

My destiny, as The Chosen One
Is to reveal God’s plan as a sham,
And that all that exist is simply
An embodiment of The I AM.

Angels exist who have special roles,
But others, to mine, cannot compare.
Their roles are redundant and boring;
Undistinguished, and without fanfare.

Those Angels, along with lower gods
Of their ilk, do fulfill divine needs:
Performing heavenly miracles
Which fall beneath my florious deeds.

Ophidian Seraphs with fire wings,
Who burn with flames yet are not consumed,
Hover, attending The Most High’s Court,
Singing God’s praises lest they be doomed.

Aralim, pure forms, The Mighty Ones
Aralim, pure forms, The Mighty Ones
Who occupy the sanctum inmost
Of the Almighty, lead the worship
Services for the Heavenly Host.

Winged Creatures with human features,
Some cherubs are armed with flaming swords.
Eyes cover their wings and their bodies,
Always watching the Heavenly Hordes.

Powerful Archangels, versatile
Order of Leaders, highest in kind,
Typify perfection in every
Way conceivable to The One Mind.

The Melachim, Elohim and Ben
Elohim, with Chasmalim, combine
To do, with the lowliest Angles,
The lavish biddings of Minds Divine.

First among all Angels, I relay
The lore of the Divine Creation.
As Oracle to posterity
I spend much time in word relation.

Other Angels were borne by the stars,
But my birth was a great rarity:
I was born in the grand explosion
Of the Cosmic Singularity.

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