AMBER CARE’S – Derrick Grantley

You are the artery to my heart
The star in my sky
The air in my lungs
The Amber to my fire
When I was down
Your words lifted me up
When I was depressed
You made me feel blessed
Your encouraging words
Are heard in my thoughts
Whenever I fall,
They pick me up
How could I be so lucky,
to have met a friend like you?
If it wasn’t for you Amber,
I probably wouldn’t be here
Your loyal!
Your real!
You’re supportive!
You’re smart!
Until the end of times,
You’ll always be my Heart!

I wrote AMBER CARE’S, in dedication to my best friend AMBER. From day one, she showed me she cares. No matter what, she never judged me for anything, including the crimes that I was accused of. I told her that I was innocent, and she believed me. Never once did she doubt me. She could’ve chosen anybody else to be friends and partners with, but she chose me. For that I am grateful for!!!

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