Amazing Grace – Derrick Grantley

Ever since I was a child,
You’ve been right by my side
You supported me!
You Loved me!
You ignored all the lies!
I don’t know how far I would’ve made it with out you
My strength and power,
I attributed from you
For without you,
I am weak,
Like a tree with no roots
The love You’ve shown me,
Dear mama,
Let’s me know, that you care!
You’re Amazing,
You’re brave,
You’re a true Black woman,
No word can describe,
how I feel,deep inside
Just know that I miss you,
and I need you in my life,
I love you and I’ll cherish you,
For the rest of my life!


I wrote Amazing Grace in dedication to my mother Grace Grantley, who turned 60 years old on December 17.Ever since I was a child, she has always had my back.Unlike the rest of my family, she has been by my side the whole 22 years I’ve been incarcerated. So, I just wanted to thank her by writing Amazing Grace for her…

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