Addressing Injustice – Derrick Grantley

Justice!,Justice!,What Justice?,
or do you mean just us?
Words like equality and liberty,doesn’t apply to negroes like me,
I’m just an African trapped in the belly of the beast
Ask Jim Crow,
I bet he knows,
They best way to break a negro,is by locking ’em up,and taking his soul
Lock ’em,throw away the key,
Ten,Twenty,Life, was made for you and me
George Zimmerman walked free,
So why couldn’t they let Marissa Alexander walk free?
Guilty were the words that came from the jury,
Why was her liberty jugded by another man’s insincerity?
Justice!Justice!,Where is thy ole Justice?
Or is the old saying true, that it means just you?.

The poem I am sending now, was written by me after Marrisa Alexander had been found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison, under the ten, twenty, life, statute here in Florida.

Marrisa Alexander is a black woman that was in an abusive relationship with her husband. He had abused her on several occasions.

So, one day, when they got into an argument, her husband, threatened to harm her. She fired a warning shot into the wall, to get him to back off.

The police came and arrested her, and she was later found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

So, I wrote this poem in response to the verdict and unjust sentence.

Marrisa, clearly had the right to defend herself under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, but the court and racist jury saw different, clearly because she is a Black Woman….

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