Aaron M. Kinzer

Dis-LABELED – Aaron M. Kinzer

Disabled by definition But who’s printing the text? Why label me as such? Because I can’t do as the rest? Left right, Left right Side to side shuffle I move But I bear the label Because I’m not smooth as you How funny you make the rules Then design the tools To assist my moves …

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Guiding Light – Aaron Kinzer

America!, Awaken from your dreams deferred and hearken to your hopes preferred. Despite your curtains close live up to your ideas chose. For the people ponder daily, bashful but bravely trudging along a path paved by wounded warriors ensconced in tombs engraved and souls previously saved. Reach, America!, out of the puddles of mud but …

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LEAVING – Aaron M. Kinzer

In quarantine dreams… Floating like an autumn leaf Tossed in October’s breeze Beautiful, colored, multi-, Drifting from atop poplars hot bark In spring soaked branches Passing peers Attached only for a moment longer than I To my demise I fall and flail At the wind’s mercy Caving to nature’s cycle Resting till’ I fold to …

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Up!, Up! You Mighty Man – Aaron M. Kinzer

Resisting my thoughts of rest Pushing against currents in carceral states Crushing my passivity My revolutionary spirit roars to life, George Jackson-like Tip-toeing tightropes in confines Bloody tugs of war on my soul Grays showing, now I’m old My youth removed long ago with the other cheeks turn My yearn’s for freedom to command its …

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Aaron M. Kinzer is an Impact Poet and Journalist. He is dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of incarcerated persons so that their struggle can be understood and overcame. After being born in 1981 in Charleston, WV, the capitol city of coal country, his family was caught in the crossfire of America’s war on drugs. Decades later Aaron would be waging that same war on his path to prison and becoming Federal inmate #43112-074. He was convicted of Conspiracy to Traffick Narcotics and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He’ll be released in 2024. Aaron is the father of three children and has been published by The Columbia Journal, The Inquirer, Parents Magazine and the Marshall Project. His poetry has been published by In The Belly Abolitionist Journal and the Tufts University ReSentencing Archive.

2 thoughts on “Aaron M. Kinzer

  1. Gail Kinzer

    Nephew, you have become this remarkable gift of a person that mom, dad, brother and children can raise the heads to. I am very proud that your determination to be the man you knew you could always be is manifesting itself. Stand tall, no looking back and keep putting one foot in front of the other and now let God continue to use you. Always know that there will be some pits that will stumble in front of you, but you have overcome the worse, so stretch your legs and cross over the pit and LAUGH at it.

  2. Michelle- Cousin

    Congratulations, Aaron! I’m incredibly proud of you for getting your poems published. Your talent and dedication have shone through, and it’s a remarkable achievement. Your words have the power to inspire and touch hearts. Keep pursuing your passion, and I can’t wait to see what beautiful creations you’ll share with the world next. Well done!

    Love your cousin
    Michelle Davis

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