Aaron Kinzer

Guiding Light – Aaron Kinzer

America!, Awaken from your dreams deferred and hearken to your hopes preferred. Despite your curtains close live up to your ideas chose. For the people ponder daily, bashful but bravely trudging along a path paved by wounded warriors ensconced in tombs engraved and souls previously saved. Reach, America!, out of the puddles of mud but …

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Biography: Aaron M. Kinzer is an Impact Poet and Journalist. He is dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of incarcerated persons so that their struggle can be understood and overcame. After being born in 1981 in Charleston, WV, the capitol city of coal country, his family was caught in the crossfire of America’s war on drugs. Decades later Aaron would be waging that same war on his path to prison and becoming Federal inmate #43112-074. He was convicted of Conspiracy to Traffick Narcotics and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He’ll be released in 2024. Aaron is the father of three children and has been published by The Columbia Journal, The Inquirer, Parents Magazine and the Marshall Project. His poetry has been published by In The Belly Abolitionist Journal and the Tufts University ReSentencing Archive.

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