Pen Vs. Gun – David Meade

The gun takes lives but the pen has the capability to end
You can rob a bank with a gun but with a pen you can write
millions of checks legally without any fears.
The gun has the ability to shake a person out of their boots,
but the pen freeze bank accounts and bring about arbitrations
and extravagant lawsuits.
A person may take a gun and use every bullet in the gun to
execute and kill,
but the pen has unlimited ammunition and write obituary’s
death sentences and Power of Attorney’s and also private wills.
Carrying a gun on your waist may protect you from danger or it could
have you in a courtroom being called a refill felon and a low down meance,
but the pen has the capacity to protect you from foreclosure and even
got countless men their freedom after serving life sentences.
A gun can get you ten years in prison but the pen can make you a
multimillionare within a span of under 5 years with reaching the status
of Billboards.
So no matter what your perception of the biggest gun with an extended
(The pen will always be more lucrative and mightier than the biggest sword)

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