A Fathers Wish – Brittian Koty Osorio

I shake my head in disappointment as the sound of a gunshot screams
in the night
Because I know that with that sound comes the end of another
human life.
Kids killing kids over something so simple as losing a fair fight or
A son killing his father for hitting his mother one too many times.
Those are only a few of the realities people refuse to face.
Acting like if we turn a blind eye it’ll eventually just go away.
The cold truth is, these types of things are happening each day,
And if we continuously ignore them then nothing will ever change.
I have multiple children in this world and I dream of the day it
becomes a better place.
Where my kids can go out to play and I dont need to worry if theyll
become a victim in a drive by shooting by 2 rival gangs. A world in which
theyre grown and treated equally instead of by their race. But because I
know how this world is, I know all too well about the challenges my
own kids may have to face. Its been said that the “street life” is
a “game” but aint nothing fun about it.
I just wish growing up someone wouldve shown me the truth for what
it is.
Now I know I cant save my kids from everything or always instruct
how I want them to live,
But I hope they learn from my past mistakes and live much
better and safer than I did.



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