A Fathers Wish – Brittian Koty Osorio

I shake my head in disappointment as the sound of a gunshot screams in the night
Because I know that with that sound comes the end of another human life.
Kids killing kids over something so simple as losing a fair fight or
A son killing his father for hitting his mother one too many times.
Those are only a few of the realities people refuse to face.
Acting like if we turn a blind eye itll eventually just go away.
The cold truth is, these types of things are happening each day,
And if we continuously ignore them then nothing will ever change.
I have multiple children in this world and I dream of the day it becomes a better place.
Where my kids can go out to play and I don’t need to worry if theyll become a victim in a drive by shooting by 2 rival gangs. A world in which they’re grown and treated equally instead of by their race. But because I know how this world is, I know all too well about the challenges my own kids may have to face. Its been said that the “street life” is a “game” but aint nothing fun about it.
I just wish growing up someone wouldve shown me the truth for what it is.
Now I know I cant save my kids from everything or always instruct
how I want them to live,
But I hope they learn from my past mistakes and live much
better and safer than I did.


One thought on “A Fathers Wish – Brittian Koty Osorio

  1. Authoress R. J. Lockhart

    This is beautiful. I have 4 grown children who I worried over as they grew up. We didn’t live in the best neighborhood due to financials. I did everything I could to make sure they grew up with the knowledge of what is out in this world… I feel your worry! Kids CAN learn from their parents past mistakes… Stay close to them and always be there for them as much as you possibly can… Hold then tight!!! Love them with your whole self!!! God bless you and yours ❤️🤗

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