58 years-n-hell – Razor

With shatterd heart & fucked up Dreams being alone & lost Does you know what I mean. So angry an afraid, so sick of this life. I’ve tryed to cut tryed to slice. But in a blink of an eye I lost my life. Feeling traped & unwanted as if a condemed soul. Cops, doctors, friends, & family sitting around to just see how much you can staind. I tell myself “Joe” dont cry keep your head held high an remember the reason for the tear drop showin to have no fear. After today you put up with shit no more. Ready to explode as if a short fused bomb. You’r loved one telling just staind stronge, believe in god an everything will be alright. Up untill that day I Lost that fight. B/C when you’r accused of a crime that you couldnt never commit & sentenced to 58 years in the pen for all the world to forget. Thats when time is hard behind these cold bar’s. Being so cold & silent but yet alive & real. As we lay on our racks lowckdown on max. Lissing to all prizoners rotten away inside our lonly tombs. Can’t help but think about all the time lost & not having nothing else to lose. B/c I’va lost my life at only age 22. While sitting in my cell being bord as hell without the slightist of things to do. They call my name…. All I hear are numbers MR 240659 slamming off these empty cell walls like thoughts do in my mind. I slowly begin loosen what little sainity I have left inside B/C believe it or not even the blind can see all the dark pain I hold inside me. Once I was the man that would without a doubt give the veary shirt off my back. But now Iva got to be cold as ice & never nice. I rekon thats the price you pay being thrown away. So remember me now & remember me true B/C when all said & done you can believe my whole life change on that dark gloomy day. 

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