2020 – Armando Alegria

Must our tears continually come in a flood,
to cleanse away the oppression in our blood?
Is that how we will reach the figment of equality?
Then how do we wash away the systemic brutality?
When all we have ever known is injustice.
Still blindly we follow when you say “trust us”,
but we the ones dyin and bleedin.
Steady hustlin for the kids we feedin.
Just so they can die and bleed.
Tell me how we suppost to succeed?
When it’s life that we need;
but the only life we guaranteed,
Comes from a plea bargin or a jury.
Though you wonder at our fury.
Beaten down and forced to remain quiet,
Our only voice resounds when we protest and riot,
To late you’re shocked by our violence,
But your’s was okay when we suffered in silence.

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