Bednago Harper

“Neutral: The Journery Manifest” – Bednago Harper

An excerpt from my novel “Neutral: The Journey Manifest” “Not that it really matters, but I find myself very, very, very disturbed by many of the things I have witnessed during this time. I hope and pray that this will be the last time that I will ever be incarcerated. I have grown to suspect …

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A Sad Truth – Bednago Harper

Black, White, Hispanic, race don’t matter. None are exempt. Neither are the countless and rising numbers of innocent misfortune people who have fallen tragic victims in their wake. The new breed of Grim Reapers are no longer at the city gates…they are in the city!  If life was fair, this world wouldn’t be such a …

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The Search – Bednago Harper

The Search Part I So long she’d waited, wondered, hoped and prayed. All that had finally come to pass. A powerful mixture of determined restless anticipation surged through the young girl as she slowly closed the mailbox. She wasn’t just a kid anymore, naive and accepting. Tall, graceful, and very high spirited, at fifteen, she …

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My Love – Lionel Lewis Rogers

My Love isn’t just words or without meaning…
My Love is truly a gem that you will find that’s rare yet sincere…
My Love comes from deep within the depths of my soul…
My Love is the true meaning of endless love that’s to be embraced…
My Love is only a symbol of the love that you bring to me…
My Love is not without a price – How so? You must guard my Love without
fail and cherish it for as long as you live…
My Love is only yours, I try to show you that with every action I make…
My Love you are the reason I love the way I do. I love you Endlessly.

Loves Evolution – Safi Dona’t

When your love washes over me,
I lose sight of myself
But I see a purpose in me
With no direction how to get there
In your terrain
But still, true to my purpose
To live for us, succeeding. (At couples therapy?)

When your love washes over me,
My brain makes my eyes
create spectacles of wonderful delusions
Newborn thoughts
No cradeling, no catastrophy
can save them, nor destroy them, change them. (And
my net worth?)

When your love washes over me,
the world around me
disappears into itself
I forget about its existence
uncoupling my thoughts,
relaxing my spirits,
by borrowing your wings. (To crash into a mountain?)

When your love washes over me,
I forget my time and space.
But I know,
It’s your vortex I’m in.
Frightenedly peaceful.
Trapped in your aura
Of powerful, pink Mona Lisas. (And liberated lips of liberated liberty?)

When your love washes over me,
The part of me,
That exists in hiding only
Welcomes the sunlight, stars and moon
Rescued from Islands
Surrounded by saltwater
finally, quenching my thirst. (for Drano?)

When your love washes over me,
I pleasure in sacrifice.
I revel in bravery,
for you, my end is pleasurable.
This innate need
Beckons me relentlessly
Back into the earth’s womb (Deathrow in our D.N.A. for love?)

When your love washes over me
I understand the whys, the wondering
I submit to them,
for they are designed by
Love ? ! , : ; – . $ ¢ x ➗ – + = <> () ECT…ECT…
from you, the soil of all Roots
To me, the result of all toiled off shoots. (Love Doomed
from the start?)

Still, we pleasure in trying!!! (Hoorayy??)

Shannon Pride

My Womb/My Tomb – Shannon Pride

My Womb/My Tomb From within my womb Im consumed by Thoughts and perceived notions, fueled By state potions, entertained by dreams Trapped & fired by vision inside of me As I lay pace? Pray I devise Strategies to help the day I’m exhumed From this tomb in which I stay into that aquarium of color …

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Untitled – Shannon Pride

Have you been shot & stabbed? Check, Robbed & Stole alot Check. Do you sell drugs? And have kids who miss their father? And a father that never bothered? Check, check, check The slots we fill stay refilled No lack for comfort – the right sign it seems to fit toe to heel. Devastating all …

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Untitled – Shannon Pride

I strolled the block with a bop I posted the block with a plock Walked the streets with my Queens Lurked the streets with my fiends Now the blocks walk around me Lengthwise End to End Here is where they placed my Adrenaline In here the Blocks walk around me And there’s a poor just …

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