15x20inches, prismacolor pencils worked with oil on paper.
“This is a portrait of my son, Zumar Shy’dreek Bell, with his first two ultrasounds beneath him. He was five at the time and starting school back in 2013-14. Now he is eleven and the years just seems to fly by, not waiting for any to catch up with time lost. I was already locked up before I knew his mother was pregnant with him so was never afforded the opportunity to be there for him, but through art I will. He is autistic and lives in an environment that may not be receptive with what he may need. I don’t know much about autism! All I do know is I love my son, and better than the will to die for him, I have the will to live for him. He is my heart, my soul, my motivation to show him there is more to the world than he knows. That his future can be bright.
This is how I introduce him to the world, an immortal symbol of my love. This, is Motivation.”

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