Canyon Run

I’ve never ridden a horse before even though I’m fascinated at the thought of doing so. I plan to one day if I ever get the chance. I created this piece for two reasons. One is just for the first reason I said above, but the other is a little deeper.
Someone saw my artwork, not this particular piece but my first abstract called “The Spread” and they said it was beautiful then made a statement, “What a waste of talent” she said. I’ll admit I felt some type of way about the comment but it made me think. Life is harder for some than others and it’s a hard ride. But I will enjoy this ride none the less. I don’t see it as a waste of talent, I discovered this talent in here and will make something of it. I got knocked off of my horse but I guarantee you that I will get back on it and ride off into the sunset regardless of my circumstances.

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