“her FAITH”

Medium: Pastel & Acrylic (Mixed Media)
Size: 24 x 19
Description: POEM inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:5 which my wife embodies

Man, I’m so AMAZED at how you love me.
So as I set to validate, honor and celebrate her, along with all the other courageous women who share the same plight or have a synonymous situation before them, whose faith, determination and commitment will never succumb to fear, self-interest or desertion, it is with great appreciation, respect and loyalty, that you be recognized and continue to be seen for the dynamic and inspirational beings that you are, for you are truly amazing.

Thank you for being our wives, sisters, mothers and daughters,
Our aunts, cousins and friends,
Our lovers, investigators, paralegals and lawyers,
Who would litigate our case til the end.

For being that loving place to where we abscond,
The sustenance to what a heavy heart craves,
An aurora of peace all too fond,
OF the many reasons – number one to brave.

For the distant miles traveled to and fro,
Just to simply deliver a smile,
For the prayers that what we share continues to grow,
For what’s then, what’s here, what’s now.

Thank you for allowing me to lead and all of your cultivation,
For nurturing a man worthy to follow,
For your patience, trust commitment and determination,
Faith for a brighter tomorrow.

For stepping in my shame and empathizing with my pain,
And for always encouraging the truth,
Though the sacrifices are many but never compromising your dignity,
And for always staying true to you.

For all the times you said yes and never biting your tongue,
And every NO in between,
For every laugh, every tear and all the encouragement to run,
This race to realize our dreams.

Pardon me but I’d be REMISS,
If I failed to mention that life wouldn’t mean SHIT!,
Without you and having to go at it alone,
But no need to despair,
For LOVE has declared,
That it does not seek its own,
For truly love seeketh not her own.


“A Washington, DC native reared in the N.E. quadrant of the city, birthed with natural gift that only GOD can give. Greg has never received any formal tutelage and considers his gifted hands a blessing that he is obligated to share with the WORLD as an illustration of GOD’s GLORY.

Greg is a husband and father emboldened with faith that will forge him pass his present circumstances into freedom…redeemed, focused and prepared for the second chance bestowed upon him.”

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