Medium: Pastel & acrylic (Mixed Media)
Size: 19 x 24
Description: FAITH

By: Gregory Bolden
Copyright 9/15/19

What IS faith? Faith is a COMPLETE trust. A DETERMINED belief. An OVERWHELMING confidence. A PERSONAL conviction. It is optimism at its finest-ones BLESSED hope. Biblically speaking, it’s the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. It is the fuel of the soul, and once ignited by spirit, it propels one towards a desired end with super-human-like qualities and capabilities with the accomplishment of overcoming obstacles that seems and that are deemed impossible.

It’s the motivating factor of having one’s desires materialize. Faith epitomize courage. It knows that when the SPIRIT says yes, the physical “no” is of little importance. Faith always believes. I’ve had and still, have the privilege of being intimately connected to a group of women who possess this divine quality, this coveted character and championed spirit – A GREAT FAITH.

Lucky me, for I was brought forth BY one, share a covenant WITH one, and have the most LOVING & SUPPORTING relationships with the rest with whom I’m related. These women are fearless. They are fearless with their love, the way that they nurture and how they are committed, how they embosom challenge with tenacity and verve, all the while gracefully dulcifying the bitter tempests of life – they make lemonade.
If I had to choose one word from the myriad of adjectives to describe these angelic beings, it would be SELFLESS. I admire these women. And not just these in particular, but also to the vast multitude of lionesses who dons and gird themselves, unapologetically, with the habiliments of faith without hesitation. The coronals of praise should be forever placed upon heads and cast before your feet, which I’m much obliged & lovingly take delight.

As of this writing, 9/15/19, I’m currently a resident at the infamous Heartbreak Hotel, which for nearly the past thirteen years has served as a atelier not only for the development and expansion of my artistic abilities, but also for the development of self and further advancement.

Reflecting upon my evolution as a MAN and ARTIST, coupled with what this particular piece of artwork – FAITH was to convey and symbolize, I think it is of the uttermost importance to acknowledge and highlight the fact that these women, whom I respect, admire and adore, have been major contributing factors to my evolution as a whole, which personally is a matter of considerable significance – for they are that what this work exemplifies.

In the religion of LOVE these women are counted amongst the FAITHful.

Being fully inspired by their strength, confidence and courage, and having benefited first-hand and indirectly through the benevolence of others, I sought to create an image that would personify that characteristics of faith and celebrate them, while simultaneously illustrating my plight as to the present, which could also be representative of countless others who could so readily identify.

THE NUMBER: 03676-007 is a property classification number, and all residents receive one upon taking residence at the Heartbreak. When one wants to lay claim to, view and inspect what’s been classified to ensure that the integrity of the property is being properly maintained, one must be prepared to be rigorously scrutinized, and is often met with vituperation and scurrilous language from the Inn keepers.

Once this process has been completed, the property is then brought to designated location to be viewed, inspected and handled BEFORE being presented to the claimant has deemed a viewing successful, the property then undergoes another thorough inspection, making sure that nothing has been added to nor taken away from said property before being placed back in storage.

03676007 is a registration number that identifies a person as a NON-HUMAN = PROPERTY, and I’ve had it for nearly 13 years. Being associated, in the support of, or even related to a person who possess a “non-entity” classification number is often looked upon and met with scorn. It’s as if the supporting members have become malignant diseases that needs to be quarantined and ostracized.

As I think about the despicable attitudes that my wife are confronted with, and the demeaning experiences that she has to undergo, along with my children, to gain access to the Heartbreak, ungrudgingly and without reluctance, I have an even greater sense of admiration and respect for her, because not only does she unapologetically identity herself along with this number, but she takes it and HUMANIZES it, making it just as much a part of her journey as it is mine. She brings so much life, love, spirit and vitality to one of the most unconventional set of circumstances that I’m often awed and lost for words of her selflessness and how she remains so graceful with everything that she does.

“A Washington, DC native reared in the N.E. quadrant of the city, birthed with natural gift that only GOD can give. Greg has never received any formal tutelage and considers his gifted hands a blessing that he is obligated to share with the WORLD as an illustration of GOD’s GLORY.

Greg is a husband and father emboldened with faith that will forge him pass his present circumstances into freedom…redeemed, focused and prepared for the second chance bestowed upon him.”

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