“I’ve been drawing for five years and painting for two. Singing/songwriting, piano and guitar have been my primary creative outlet since I was seven. I picked up photography shortly after that. While in Boy Scouts, I taught myself solar pyrography where I’d draw on wood using the sun and a magnifying glass. I started burning names into walking sticks and ended doing five foot murals on slabs of rough-hewn timber.

Upon coming to prison, I took a drawing class but was uninspired by the portraits they were asking us to copy. Then I read “Struck by Genius” by Jason Padgett who suffered a head injury (as I did) and began doing complex mathematical art (which I was blown away by!). I intuitively just got his artwork and copied his most complex design easily. I then let my mind take off and envision designs of my own. To me, they strike both an aesthetic as well as a cerebral chord. Not everyone gets the mathematical beauty of my work but at least they recognize some pleasant aesthetics.

I’ve taken my art so far from Mr. Padgett’s original designs as to be almost unrecognizable (IMHO). With my limited access to resources, I’ve never really seen anything like what I do. If there are similar examples out there, I’d love to see them. I call my style of art “Geomterix.” I’ve had some interest shown in learning how to draw like this and am, therefore, toying with the idea of writing a book describing my methods. For all I know, the market may be flooded with similar guides already.” – CS

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