Gallery of the Month: March

Welcome to the newest gallery in JAC’s Gallery of the Month series, where we showcase a wide range of art and writing under unique monthly themes. Check back on the first of each month for a new collection of works by the talented artists in the JAC network. To view past galleries of the month, see our Gallery Archive

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This March, in honor of Women’s History Month, we are featuring pieces by the incredible women in JAC’s artist network. The global community has a long way to go before achieving true gender equality, as misogyny still pervades many parts of modern society, including the art world. For example, women make up 46% of artists nationwide, yet remain underrepresented in many art professions. A recent study of 18 major U.S. museums found that 87% of the featured artists are male and 85% are white.

Women also represent the fastest-growing incarcerated population in the United States. According to the ACLU, just 4% of the world’s female population lives in this country, yet nearly one-third of all female prisoners in the entire world are held here. More than half of all women in US prisons and jails (56%) are incarcerated for drug or property offenses, and Black women are two times as likely to be incarcerated as white women.

Women’s History Month commemorates the vital role of women in history and honors the achievements and struggles of all women, including trans women, in the United States. It is important that this month and every month we continue to make strides towards equal representation in the art world and everywhere.

We are extremely proud to have so many talented women in the JAC network and are excited to be able to share some of their amazing work with you. 

We hope you enjoy this month’s gallery: A Celebration of Women Artists 

Bittersweet Alphabet by Deidra Rose Vincer AKA Twitch

As adventurous as life may seem
Bittersweet is the taste that lingers
Counterfiet as people are
Don’t judge anyone by their exterior
Eventually death finds us all 
For we are all the same within
Going is tough and tough is the going
Hearts will be broke so
Inhale the good in life because 
Joyful memories are the least remembered 
Keep a wall around your heart for
Love is the most dangerous venture into
Madness’ ever ending fate.
No-body is going to make it out alive regardless
Overcome and grow
Protect yourself and learn to
Quiet the ever quaking aches consuming
Reach of conjoined pasts imperishably present. The
Steady layering of intimacies
Utopian dream
Vandalized by envies
Wordless language
Xerox my soul within
Yellow is the jaundice daydream
Zippered-up are my never ending emotions.
Anywhere but here by Julie Spencer 

I have in mind 
A wonder-filled place. 
By the whole human race.

Magical dreams 
Sprout out your wishes. 
Places to eat 
That requires no dishes.

Barbeque chicken, rotisserie. 
Eating alone, with my friend, Cherie. 
A queen-sized bed where we both sleep 
Dance lesson where I don't miss a beat.

I have a studio, an office, a plane. 
I venture out in a gentle rain. 
My 5-ft pool sparkles at night. 
My Landcruiser is so outta sight.

Drawing and painting 
To my heart's content. 
Writing new poems 
That are heaven-sent.
Evenings of Immortality by Rachel Peterson  

To the nights of existential bliss
when the universe is at your fingertips
& the beyond speaks to your soul.
Pain is Relieved
through the breath of the trees
& the stars dance in glitter & gold. 
Will I Be alone by Jamie Selkey 

As I sit alone
In my cell each night,
No one to talk to,
Not a soul in sight…

Not a friend to write,
No family to call,
No one around,
To catch me if I fall…

12 lonely years now,
I was a mother, and a wife,
Now alone here in prison,
This has become my life…

I wait each night at mail call,
But never hear my name,
I can't be mad at them,
I’m the one to blame…

I did my crime,
On that vivid day,
I’m the one,
Who took my freedom away…

So here I sit alone,
As tears run down my face,
Because no matter what I do,
The memories don’t erase…

Yet one day I’ll walk out,
These gates that keep me here,
But will I still be alone,
It is my Biggest fear…

My Soul by Jennifer Diaz 

My Soul

Has taken a vacation.
hitched a ride
somewhere peaceful and quiet
maybe the mountains


haven’t seen it in years.
Perhaps its deserted
me permanently.
I should feel bad, but i     


muster sympathy
for the living dead girl.
who is me. Dike. Gay.
Soulless. You’ll  


the ultimate meaning
of that term
in the eyes of every girl
forced by circumstances to    


the truth of herself.
I keep digging
for truth
but can’t seem to find it  



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