Gallery of the Month: July

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While curating the Gallery of the Month for June, we enjoyed observing a wide spectrum of colors, admiring the progression from reds to greens to pinks, in art and the world around us. As we move into July, we continue to find harmonious relationships and connections, this time focusing on the changing patterns of light as day fades into darkness. June 20th marked the summer solstice, when the sun travels its longest path through the sky. With longer days came more sunlight, but now the daylight hours are beginning to shorten once again. But rather than lament the loss of light, we can find beauty in its full range.

From the first rays of sun in the morning to the first stars piercing through the night sky, the progression of light makes us keenly aware of passing time. Not only does the movement of celestial bodies give us a sense of time and place, but for some it can provide a sense of greater meaning. Humans have long been fascinated by the marvels of light and dark: celebrating sun deities, calculating the distance from us to the moon, or finding constellations in the night sky. From the first glimmers of dawn to the shimmering gleam of afternoon to the glowing canvas of dusk there is so much wonder to be found in a single day.

As you scroll through this gallery, take a moment to observe as daylight fades into soft hazy blues scattered with bright stars shining above, culminating in celebratory bursts of light against a deep navy sky, welcoming us into July.

We hope you enjoy this month’s gallery: Dawn to Dusk.

As I think of Wide Fields by Jordan Earls

The morning light
     is soft as I 
          rest in the cool
               dew-damp grass, I

see in each bead
     of water the
          moon as it sinks
               to sleep in the

wide pink blanket
     of the sky. At 
          this, I marvel:
               If each sphere of

glass bears the weight
     of the heavens,
          then - what of me?
               At this, I smile.
I am by Gary Farlow

I am the moon, 
     shining full and ghostly white. 
I am the crickets, 
     singing their song after dark. 
I am the firefly 
     whose dance is a beacon of love. 
I am the wolf, 
     with a mournful bay of loneliness.
I am the stars, 
     like a blanket of spangles on a velvet sky. 
I am all the nocturnal creatures, 
     the owl, the bat, the opossum. 
I am the whisper of wind, 
     wafting through skeletal trees. 
I am the rustle of leaves, 
     like the steps of generations of the past. 
I am . . . 
     the night.

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