Gallery of the Month: February

Welcome to the newest gallery in JAC’s Gallery of the Month series, where we showcase a wide range of art and writing under unique monthly themes. Check back on the first of each month for a new collection of works by the talented artists in the JAC network. To view past galleries of the month, see our Gallery Archive.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in utilizing images from the galleries or portfolios for your own purposes. If you would like to connect with any of the featured artists, contact us. We ask that you do not utilize any of the artwork you see here without requesting permission to do so. We strongly believe that artists should have full agency over their work, so we do not share it with other entities without their consent.

In the spirit of February, the Gallery of the Month team JAC has compiled artwork featuring tones of red. Colors can evoke certain emotions, atmospheres, memories, and make you feel different sensations. Red can represent love, passion, anger—and its multiple shades and variations may suggest something entirely different.

O my Luve is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve is like the melody
That’s sweetly played in tune …
– Robert Burns (A Red, Red Rose)

When I haven’t any blue I use red.
– Pablo Picasso

While you look through this month’s gallery, take time to think about the significance of the colors you see. How do they make you feel? What meaning do they hold for you?

We hope you enjoy this month’s gallery: 28 Days of February

February 2022 represents the one year anniversary of the Gallery of the Month series’s launch! In honor of this, we’ve included a meet the Gallery of the Month Intern Team section, where our current team has shared what we enjoy most about working on Gallery of the Month.

I love working with my fellow interns!! Sometimes we may have our own projects going on, so Gallery of the Month is a way I feel we keep in touch with one another. I also love going through artist testimonials and learning the meaning and intentions behind their works.
I love coming together with other interns to discuss the artists’ work and draw connections between pieces to create monthly themes. Along this vein, watching the curation come together each month, along with the description of the theme, and seeing how beautiful the works look when in conversation with each other is one of the highlights of my month!
One of my favorite things about working on the gallery of the month team is getting to spend so much quality time with the artwork. I feel very privileged to be able to get to know the artists and their personal and unique styles through their artwork.
I’ve been working on the Gallery of the Month for almost a year now and it quickly became my favorite part about JAC. The artwork that is created by the artists we work with is the heart of what we do. The Gallery of the Month allows me to see artwork from years ago to newer artwork we just received. I love to look at the different artistic styles across so many talented artists and tie all these styles together into a common theme each month. Working with my fellow interns to curate a cohesive blend of artwork brings us closer as a team. I’m so grateful to have this space that Gallery of the Month provides.
I always find myself looking forward to GoM meetings in particular. They’re a time when we get to have really focused conversations about artwork, artists, artistic intention, and how context can really alter how a piece is interpreted. An honorable mention for my favorite part of GoM is the actual selection process. While curating for the gallery we comb through JAC’s entire media library, which dates all the way back to 2008 when the website was first launched. Despite the number of times we’ve now technically looked through “all” of the work that JAC’s website has hosted, I’ve found that while searching I still find myself discovering “new” and unfamiliar pieces that I hadn’t noticed before!

Untitled, Brian Hindson

Gallery of the month excites me because it’s an opportunity to really engage with the incredible artwork JAC receives. I often find myself in a deep rabbit hole of artists folders and browsing through different art pieces for sometimes, hours on end, I think GOM will make that rabbit hole feel much more intentional and purposeful!

Each of us has spent a lot of time curating and planning for these monthly galleries, and we hope you all enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoy creating them!

Do you have feedback or an idea for a future gallery of the month? Submit your suggestions here.