Gallery of the Month Archive

JAC is proud to share our Gallery of the Month series, where we showcase a wide range of art and writing under unique monthly themes. Check back each month for a new collection of works by the talented artists in the JAC network. 

September 2023: Comics

August 2023: Black August

June 2023: Dreams

April 2023: Food for Thought

March 2023: Journeys

February 2023: Here’s to Two Years!

January 2023: A Close Look

December 2022: Community

November 2022: New Art November

October 2022: Hispanic Heritage Month

September 2022: An Acrostic Poem of Poetry

August 2022: Animal August

July 2022: World Watercolor Month

June 2022: A Tune for June

May 2022: AAPI Heritage Month

April 2022: Witty Works

March 2022: In Celebration of Black Artists

February 2022: 28 Days of February

January 2022: Muses

December 2021: Birds of Freedom

November 2021: Mother Earth

October 2021: Ominous

September 2021: The Bonds of Family

August 2021: Monochrome

July 2021: Dawn to Dusk

June 2021: A Rainbow of Art

May 2021: The Changing of Seasons

April 2021: Imaginings

March 2021: A Celebration of Women Artists

February 2021: Life Inside

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