Gallery #13

This space provides an opportunity to highlight artwork by people in prison, formerly incarcerated artists, and other artists working in and around the US carceral system. This includes visual art images, writing, and videos. Please contact us if you would like to add a file to the gallery, and review the consent form. We also ask that you contact us if you are interested in utilizing images of any of the artwork in the gallery for your own purposes, or would like to connect with any of the featured artists.

Please note that Justice Arts Coalition is not able to sell artwork unless it has been donated to us. If you would like to learn more about how to market your loved ones’ work, or wish to connect directly with an artist or their designee to discuss a purchase, feel free to reach out to us.

Visual Art and Writing



For more videos, please visit Film, Documentary and Video.

‘At Night I Fly’ Trailer from Story Films, showcasing Arts in Corrections at New Folsom Prison in California. This video represents work from AS220’s youth photo classes at the Rhode Island Training School. Students worked to animate a pyramid being built in a Providence neighborhood.

9 thoughts on “Gallery #13

  1. J. McNiel

    I’m happy to see the work posted here, by one of my wonderful students, with whom I’ve lost contact now. I can see he’s still drawing his mystical images – it keeps him going. He is a true artist. Thank you.

  2. Michele Quintana

    My boyfriend is incarcerated and is at a prison in West Virginia he is a brilliant artist and has extreme talent i would like to get his art out there for people to see how incredible his talent is please give me some info on how to get his art out there for him thank you!!!

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