Film, Documentary, and Video

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Artistic Ensemble at San Quentin (2018) Site Unseen – Highlights

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Boyd, Lisa Rhoden (2018) An American Tragedy

Boyd, Lisa Rhoden (2019) Prison Preforming Arts: The Voice Inside

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Christie, T. and Walton, E. (dirs.) (2012) Walk With Me

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Dell’Arte (2018) Arts in Pelican Bay Prison

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Dowling, Amie (2016) Performing Arts and Community Exchange

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Ibis Productions Inc. and the Osborne Association’s program for Children of Incarcerated Parents (prod.) (2009) Echoes of Incarceration and (2014) Caring through Struggle

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KING5TV (2014) Pongo Teen Writing in Juvenile Detention

Kolen, D. (2016) The Inside Singers

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Liao, M. (2015) The Creator of Behind These Prison Walls

Linn, J. (2017) ‘True Grit’ program teaches older Nevada inmates knitting and skills for giving back for News 4 Nevada

Lost and Found Passion River

McDonald, B. (2012)Music from the Big House Caché

McShane, J. (2011) Mothers of Bedford

Miller, Z. (2019) ‘I get to feel human again’: How arts programs in prisons are bringing new hope to incarcerated individuals for The Today Show

North Coast Perspectives (2018) Breaking Out: Pelican Bay Arts Program

Parsell, T.J. (In pre-production) Fish: A Boy in a Man’s Prison NYU Graduate Film

Paul, J. (2010) Witnessing Prison Art: A Curator’s Reflection on a Decade of Art by Michigan Prisoners PCAP

PBS Local (2014) Jail Guitar Doors

PBS News Hour (2014) For troubled teens, making and sharing poetry may be unexpected source of happiness

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PEN American Center (2011) Breakout: Voices from Inside

Pentrop, Anja Claudia (2015) Roger, Over, and Alive Collaborative Art Exhibition

Phillips, J. (2008) The Dhamma Brothers Film + Book

Prison in Cinema

Raymond, A. and Raymond, S. (dirs.) (2003) How Do You Spell Murder CINEMAX

Resolve to Stop the Violence Project (RSVP) SF Stories: A Shared Experience

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Sesame Workshop (2013) Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration

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