Afghan Whigs Built to Spill

“It’s tough for me to do a double bill, multiple-band poster. So I went with something that was very organic. I see both bands in that light.”

From an artist’s statement included with each poster:

“You have received a free hand-screen printed poster by me of a band that I like. I wish I could be there with you at the concert, but that is not possible. I do this because if I was there, I would love to receive something like this. I believe in doing things that are strange and that put a smile on someone’s face. Enjoy the show.

All of my inspiration comes from music. How could it not? I have been completely consumed with music my entire life. I have gone through so many years of my life where the only thing I wanted to do was sit in a room, drink whiskey, listen to record and cry. That has always been my favorite pastime. And as the nights would wear on, I would always end up painting.

Today, I am over nine years sober. I still have the opportunity to listen to music, paint and cry, and not need the alcohol and drugs to do so. Who needs them with all the torment I deal with everyday from taking another man’s life.

Just like many artists in prison, I love getting art supplies to work with, but they are not necessary. I will draw in the dirt; I will smear toothpaste on cardboard; I will make paint out of instant coffee; and I will bribe paint crews for whatever I can get. My desire is that some of my work will end up in someone’s home — on someone’s wall — that they will want to live with a piece of my art.”

— WB Livingston III, Oklahoma Prisoner/Artist
IG – @prisonart6
FB – @prisonartok

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