Book Recommendation: Interrupted Life

By Emily Harris

Interrupted Life: Experienecs of Incarcerated Women in the United States is a recently released collection of writings by and about women who are incarcerated across the country. The collection was put together by Rickie Solinger, Paula C. Johnson, Martha L. Raimon, Tina Reynolds and Ruby C. Tapia.

I recently picked up a copy of this book, as the University of California Press website blurb describes  the collection includes  “a vivid, often highly personal essays, poems, stories, reports, and manifestos, they offer an unprecedented view of the realities of women’s experiences as they try to sustain relations with children and family on the outside, struggle for healthcare, fight to define and achieve basic rights, deal with irrational sentencing systems, remake life after prison; and more.”

I found that the collection of powerful writing brings together the wide range of harsh realities experiences by women in prisons, jails and detention centers and also highlights the remarkable ways that women inside come together and resist these conditions.  I was delighted to read poems and testimony from incarcerated survivors who I have worked closely with in Michigan through the Prison Creative Arts Project and in California through Free Battered Women and was excited to see the hard work of  many amazing advocacy organizations such as the Center for Constitutional RightsJustice Now, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children and many more profiled through out the book.   If you are concerned with the over incarceration of women in our country pick up a copy at

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