If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk is based on testimonial writings by the youngest members of America’s prison system.

While in Juvenile Hall, detained and incarcerated youth are invited to participate in weekly writing workshops led by The Beat Within which has been publishing and distributing their art, essays and poems throughout the national juvenile justice system since 1996. The workshops inspire these young writers to dig deep, and seek meaningful insights through thought-provoking topics, and personalized feedback to each and every participant.

Youth Speaks poets worked with The Beat Within to record the poems written by incarcerated youth, which are now available for listening at http://ifthesewallscouldtalk.org/

One thought on “If These Walls Could Talk

  1. Adam Diaz

    I too was once in the depths of justice
    With nothing for us to do just this
    There was no hope, no form of anything fair
    All we could see is the fact that we were there
    This was no rehabilitation no correcting the wrong
    Only a time to test ourselves and keep our bodies strong
    They did nothing for us except treat us like dogs
    All we could do was take their food and eat like hogs
    I always showed I was down and that’s where I went
    Now I’m 28 and most of my energy has been spent
    It took a lot out of me but it couldn’t take it all away
    Now I beg you all to listen to the words that I say
    Look, Listen, Learn is a creed for my brothers
    Stand Up, Reach Out, Lend a hand to another
    This is what we need to bring together
    And get our youth out of the system forever.

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